11. März 2020 | Autor: Keona

About the Coronavirus

About the Coronavirus

About the Coronavirus

Adaliege-Vywamus, channeled by Keona

We, Adaliege and Vywamus, would like to speak about the spreading Coronavirus as a reflection related to you as humans.
In the reflection of the Coronavirus, we see an expression of the denial of empathy and respect within all humanity. The meaning of this reflection is important, as it shows what humans hide from themselves. Depending on whether the meaning of this can be received, it also holds an opening. Here, namely, for breaking through the denial of empathy and respect.
This denial includes the denial of empathy and respect towards all life. Seeing through this calls for an attentiveness that expands beyond one’s everyday consciousness. To truly practice respect will require many humans to “tighten their belt of polarity”. What does this mean? We are pointing to a pattern that has already turned into a habit for most humans. They like to focus on self-interest, as keeping an eye on their own advantage provides some kind of security vehicle for them. They can do something for themselves!

This course of action in human consciousness has been repeated by humans in manifold ways for thousands of years. Pursuing their own interests seems to be a kind of virtue that has already turned into a part of human identity. Humanity’s focus on self-interest is the result of a split in human consciousness that manifests as a separateness, separation, contrariety, and one-sidedness of the mind.
We say that recognizing this split for what it really is and detaching from the advantages it promises is inevitable. The split in your consciousness causes separation and detachment, it creates fragments of incomplete units and divides humans into hostile groups. Changing this requires deep healing in your consciousness. It requires a shift in focus towards an integrated consciousness and also towards an awareness of your own creation. You, as humans, create your own reality as a given truth. I, Adaliege, say that it is absolutely necessary for you to become aware of this now.

This problem cannot be solved with “good” intent alone. To have “good” intent means nothing more than to believe in something you already know. You believe and you know. That feels like a truth to you. We say that this truth is based on a fallacy. The fallacy lies in the belief that your judgments of what you see and hear are the truth. All of your interpretations are tied to this belief. Your interpretations and prejudices also shape your knowledge. This means that your belief is tied to what you think you know. This belief takes up a large space in your perception, consciousness, thoughts, feelings, and actions – consciously, as well as unconsciously.

Deeply hidden from your consciousness is a victim mentality. It brings about that the circumstances you experience become your truths and that you, with regards to the Coronavirus, perceive your own advantage as a given truth. This is how you justify your own – oriented towards fulfillment – neediness as a “positive” truth. You are doing something good for yourself.
Why are we saying this with regards to the Coronavirus? Simply because humans keep the split alive through their unconscious practice of being concerned with their own advantage. Well, you humans are not just what you believe to know.
Humanity is an entirety and as a group of humans, you are part of the entirety. We, Adaliege and Vywamus, emphasize that you in your undivided being – every one of you – can bring empathy and respect into your awareness. We would also say that you should do that so that through being aware of yourself, you can recognize yourself on the outside. Yes, we can already hear some of you say “We’re already doing that”. We would like to add: You need your will(aspect) and your love in order to engage with yourself. It is up to you now, to do that.

In connectedness to you humans, Adaliege and Vywamus
1st of March 2020


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