24. Dezember 2022 | Autor: Keona Korndörfer

The force

The force

The force 

The way in which humans are at work in their understanding of polarity is to be understood symbolically as the seductive lust of the human intellect which, again and again, tries to bring the essence of the heart to commit treason. Pulling out of this denial, demands a balance through the ability to differentiate between: delusion and clarity, illusion and initiation, dream and awakening as well as overcoming wishful living towards strength, which is binding to the forces of the heart, like honesty and loyalty towards the soul plan.
This is how the drive of desire is transformed into the force of dedication. It is a way that leads to decision-making processes, to the pivotal point of life. In its energetic vibration humans touch passion and ecstasy. Being able to do without them is the waiver, what follows is the process of the transcendence of the ego.
The I of the SELF finds its balancing counterpart in the universal, transpersonal plan of life by developing its feeling consciousness. Realized by its devoted actions, in awareness between letting go and surrender.
In this way, the I of the SELF does not have to rise as an opponent but follow the lead of the integrated SELF.





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