11. März 2022 | Autor: Keona Korndörfer

A speech by Adaliege-Vywamus

A speech by Adaliege-Vywamus

A speech by Adaliege–Vywamus

Hello world,
here we share with you a speech by Adaliege-Vywamus addressing the current events in the world. This speech addresses every human being, as we are all (Co-)Creators of what we experience:

So far, you have done a lot to prove to yourself and others that resistance is an appropriate expression of this world. You didn’t need to do much, other than being indifferent and ignorant towards yourself. You have fought for your wellbeing and have given priority to judgments and condemnations. You showed how you give yourself recognition while forging desire during time spent together.
You have defended your personal values and persuasions resolutely and showed yourself tenacious in adherently advocating your persuasions. You surely wanted to impart that independent conduct of life should be the lifegoal of everyone, while you gave those the cold shoulder who just wanted to belong.
Ultimately, you have turned yourself into a victim of your possibilities and offered fight and war to yourself as the only option and solution for your own salvation.
How much longer do you want to be ruled by that?
Don’t you think it is time to stop serving the adversary in you and make choices that let the heart live, full of compassion, affection, and abundance?


Maybe you have believed that life should serve you instead of you serving life.


Let healing and light be your legacy.



In fullest reverence for the creative force,
Adaliege-Vywamus and Keona



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