14. April 2020 | Autor: Keona

Corona – Fear of the Unknown

Corona – Fear of the Unknown

Corona – Fear of the Unknown

We, Adaliege-Vywamus, have already been speaking a lot about the Unknown. We have also said that the world as humans see it is a reflection of their Creatorship in form of collective consciousness – and everyone participates in it.
At this point, we would like to say again that the outer world is reflecting the human belief system. And this belief is made up of stories and the stories are made up of intertwined moral concepts, conditioning, and convictions. This is how humans have shaped their social and personal identities for thousands of years.

For us, Corona means the halt of the continuation of the familiar and the known.
Through the Corona-Virus, humans reflect to themselves that their polarized and split consciousness is, in all its old historical repetitions, subjected to a limitation that is ultimately leading to a standstill.
We say that humanity is in the midst of an energetic transition that, if we look onto your external lives with your consciousness, appears like falling structures.
The splitting polar consciousness is always reflecting that something has to fall away in order to let something new emerge. When humans experience a structural change inside of themselves, which they – from the perspective of their own Creatorship – (unconsciously) create themselves, they look for change on the outside. This is caused by the specifics of this three-dimensional nature in which humans have the opportunity to reflect themselves. In the case of the Corona-Virus, they look onto a scale that is too vast for a single person. They cannot follow the plan anymore because the end is not visible, there is no goal. Their “seeming” security, which they derive from a well-structured order, is now threatened. If this happens they quickly put themselves in danger and try to regain their security by acting fast.
To act fast is an advantage in the world of a human. The human reaction pattern is made up of an unconscious chain of reactions. Normally, to fight off threats and – if possible – rule them out. On a physical level, they are putting themselves into a state of heightened stress. This stress automatically unleashes combative actions, if need be, to save themselves. Hence, the fight becomes the creator as a “positive agent”, creator of the story: “Not-me, this/that other”. In this pattern of denying their own Creator-consciousness humans stimulate wars against and for something. In the case of Corona, it is the war against the Corona-Virus.

We realize that humans feel oftentimes threatened when dealing with their Creatorship. We acknowledge that within the human belief system it is about survival when it comes to situations in the flair of Corona, which represents a crisis that they seemingly have to react against.
Well, we say that humans believe in that and find themselves in a fight against their own Creatorship. Voices might be raised now, saying “We would not create such a “terrible” thing and this is why we cannot be the creator”. This viewpoint – looked at from one’s own Creator-consciousness, emphasizes „NOT-ME” and is not carrying the dignity and respect of one’s own responsibility.

In the splitting, polarized consciousness there exists, next to the “right” and the “wrong” ones, also the “faster” and the “slower” ones. Best case, people are on the side of the faster ones and are, with regards to the current situation, on the side of the surviving or the ones who continue to live. Some let themselves be guided by their neediness and/or complain about the circumstances, yes, they even fear not being occupied. We would like to tell you that this is a victim mentality and out of this victim mentality arises nothing but a fight or flight response. This is shown in the speed of people acting out, trying to secure their needy lives for fear of the Unknown and the thought of a destructive future. Finding respite in positive versions of the future is in high demand right now. They could become a sales hit (cosmic joke – Vywamus 😍).
Well, fear of the unknown only brings, according to the concept of time, old, known memories into consciousness. Mostly it is threatening scenarios that shall make one’s own life unworthy. Isn’t it interesting how humans play with their own worthiness in order to give their life significance? The Polarity-consciousness is subjected to a gap and can only offer limited possibilities as partial-possibilities which are constrained by the either-or-principle. This can be “fatal” as they justify a chain of “negative” reactions, as well as a need for “positive” reactions.

The cycle of either/or, having and not having, right and wrong, evil and good …etc. is not going to stop if humans won’t even consider that they, with their Polarity-consciousness, cause a split. From the perspective of the creator, which is after all what humans are, we can only repeatedly emphasize that you can stop your old and known thinking about the currently new situation. That you become still, that you listen deep within yourself and admit that there is more than denial, like polarity (I and You), segregation, doubt, right and wrong, the better and the worse, living vs. dying.
Maybe they can embark on the existence of an integrated consciousness.
It requires engaging with the Unknown and admitting that there are other possibilities than those, that are known.

Solidarity as a (fight-)reaction against the Not Knowing

In order for the economy, as well as the social and personal lives of humans to go on as usual, people call for solidarity in their media, which is forcefully introduced by external measures. The solidary behavior of people is being appointed to the “good” (co-)creator, in the hope that at the end of the confusion there will be a reward. We are not saying that solidary behavior is “wrong”.
We would like to point out that solidarity is subdued to a decision here – a decision for the “good” and against the “evil”. A decision in a battle for the “right” and the “wrong” creation. In this case for a “good” cause: against the, for some of you beings possibly, “deadly” virus and for life. Talking from the Creator-perspective, solidary behavior and feeling turns into the creator of humanity, stimulated through their own creation of victim and victim behavior, and a reaction against the Unknown. Against one’s own creation, that in its visible consequence cannot be accepted.
Humanity has never stopped playing the game of war and violence when creating structural change. In this denial against one’s own Creatorship, the virus is turned into the “evil” creator who is doing something that “one” is subjected to. In the battle against the “evil” creator, solidarity is brought into action as the “good” creator in order to defeat the “bad” creator.

Solidarity conveys doing the “right” thing. On a physical level, you are stimulating a feeling of elation so that the “heart feels heartfelt”. Simply put: You feel pretty damn good. In this solidarity momentum, people are not perceiving the Overly-Inspired in themselves and that they are dismissing a part of themselves with its sweep. Most of the time, this part comes back into consciousness, when the momentum flattens out. Humans often feel their denial then, without perceiving that they are creating the denial, which in turn encourages fight and flight forward.

To polarize the „right” against the „wrong“ or the other way round is a limited state of partial-truths and an expression of gapping consciousness. To be a partial-truth is always excluding “one thing” and including “the other thing” or the other way around, at one’s convenience. You call that the ego of a person. Yes, but who is creating this ego if not the people themselves? They are the creator!

Surely some people will say that solidarity is for the other one and not against the other one and hence not excluding. They might think that way, we say, that solidarity definitely has an indirect function. On one level it has an equalizing and identity-establishing function. For example, if the opinion of the other is being shared – “Yes you are right, I also understand it that way” or “I also see it that way” or “oh by the way, there and there it was exactly the same as you just said”. This is how convictions that express something equal and suggest something common is being shaped: “Ah, I know that as well”. In this way, a structure is formed out of components of shared images of identity.
Humans are creating their reality that is giving identity without realizing that they are creating their identity themselves.

Seeing it from an integrated Creator-perspective, humans try to ignite their group potential with solidarity. While unconsciously in the structure of solidarity, the self is trapped in the ego.
By doing this, humans reduce their integral potential to a minimum. Communities based on solidarity are time-bound communities. Their integrity is being reproduced by unconscious agreements, for example in acting out one’s own expectations that are being reflected by the others and also by – partially – the obligatory “sticking together” on the basis of a shared disposition. This line of action is holding the Unknown back and uses fear of the Unknown as a protection against something unforeseeable.

The Unknown itself is oftentimes misunderstood. Some believe it’s about doing other things, things they could still try out, or adopting other ways of behavior that shall bring them were they want to be at a given moment. Others interpret the Unknown in a way where they feel they have to change in order to bring themselves and their life into balance. But what does this mean? It could mean: “My life and I” or “Safety first” or “We are in accordance”. “Bringing my life into balance” is oftentimes giving expression to the positive side of the ego, depending on the state of consciousness of a person. Most people are afraid of the Unknown because they presume that the Unknown can’t actually bring forward anything “good”. This is how fear is getting a protective aspect, protection against the Unknown and the unforeseeable.

In the dance with the Unknown, a human is challenged to give in to the unpredictable. The Unknown demands for a high attention span in how humans are using their Creatorship and their “free will”. Are they using their “free will” in order to bring light into darkness or to maintain the one-sided Polarity-consciousness with its respective needs? It needs the consciousness and awareness of life following a natural flow – which determines life’s evolution – and a willingness to give in to it. It needs the willingness to admit to oneself that life is more than the known has to offer. Some people say, it is enough for them. Decisions by people are oftentimes taken out of a lack of consciousness. Juggling the “positive” or “negative” side is tied to this. Their state of consciousness reflects in the decisions humans are taking

If we say that the Corona-Virus is created by humankind, we – Adaliege and Vywamus – mean that humans bring themselves to a threshold-experience in which the ethereal forces of all of humanity come to effect. This is a great chance and challenge at the same time. A challenge because through the Polarity-consciousness, change can only be realized through the visible fall of the old. The underlying pattern is the denial of I-AM. Through other people, this denial is showing by them reflecting the victim (“I can’t”).

However, people are normally not aware of their own Creatorship, they deny it in front of themselves and react to it with fear for their lives. They turn life into “live-through” and/or “live-on”. As creators, they pretend as if something happened to them. They react with victimhood against their own creation. What do we mean by that? Well, Creatorship starts inside of humans. The outside is the result of all their thoughts and feelings, as well as their opinions and convictions, how life shapes up and should shape up on a personal and collective level. Your cultural experience is an intertwined and by now unconscious agreement of all living beings on planet earth. The world, as it is experienced, is an expression of collective Creatorship. Each and everyone has sent their own Creator-consciousness into the unconscious. What’s left are ideas that create a conception of the world that’s being fought for, all the way up to control to preserve it in solidary agreement. The destruction of the world and moral values is showing on a larger and smaller scale, also in the form of territorial wars.

What most people create by this is that part of the light gets shut out of their consciousness. They deny their integrated awareness and hence their Creatorship. The attempt of humans to bring light into the prevalent matter happens by generating “positive” stimulation on the level of the personality. One form of appearance is a solidary behavioral pattern. It seems to us as if humans only see this one possibility in order to establish an integrated interaction with themselves and others. Mostly this happens when humans get into a threatening situation, as now with the Corona-Virus issue. Solidarity is a plea and the silent expectation of the other(s) to concertedly doing the right thing. It is the stimulation of the need for security as a reaction to fear in order not to get lost (in it). Nevertheless, the consciousness for this stays reduced to the reactive behavior and is not opening the possibility that humans exercise recognition of who they really are.

Beings outside of the judging polar structures are capable of bringing their awareness for entirety into the light. This, of course, is unknown. It is the opening of a new field of awareness. An integrated awareness is not subtracting, it adds up. Thereby you naturally open energetic room and room for the light, which is, after all, taking an integrated perspective.

If humans start opening up to the Unknown, they experience certain limits in their consciousness and their awareness. This means that they are becoming aware of their limitations. Normally they react to this with fear, doubt, failure (“I can’t do it”) and eventually with an experience of frustration. It now depends on how far they judge their reactive experience to be the truth. If they decide to consider the denial to be the truth they will, consciously or unconsciously, judge the Unknown to be wrong and questionable. This will be a great strain for them. They have to count on it, as they derive their security from slowing down the flow.
Another reaction is to negate the denial by bringing themselves into a euphoric energetic stimulation. We call that “pretending as if”. Both courses of action hold partial-truths and the partial-experience of either-or.

Dancing with the Unknown means now, to loosen up, to let go of the known as the only truth and to take on a different inner and emotional perspective that allows the Unknown to be there. This is what humankind can learn now! It only requires their will to engage in it and to practice it over and over again. They will notice and divine that creation follows a force that’s coming out of stillness.

Strenuousness has a high niveau when experiencing frustration. We are talking about a twofold denial of I-AM on the level of the denial of NOT-ME. I-AM is being denied as NOT-ME and that this is being done, is denied as well.

The experience of frustration has a tone that overarchingly spreads and can be co-stimulated quickly by other humans. What normally follows is a detachment from possibilities, the consciousness constricts even more.
In facing the Corona-Crisis, many humans react in “high-sprits” at the moment, hoping that all could end “well”. Some just enjoy their time off from what’s familiar. But if this wave is not passing quickly enough and the familiar is not going back to its consistency, it quickly comes to fear and the experience of frustration. The experience of frustration is a great hurdle for humans in their transition to the Unknown.
Here they need their compassion when looking into the mirror of their own Creatorship and awareness.

The Unknown will bring people into a different energy and open up realms that they have not surmised until now. It is about not giving a chance to the fear of the Unknown and all the stories that flare up around it. It is up to every single human how he or she is dealing with the threshold of transitioning from the known to the Unknown. May humanity open its’ doors to awakening.

This also means, to stick with it, to bring the inner focus to a state of BEING and to hold it there. It needs high attention in order to stay on this span. We Adaliege and Vywamus would like to tell you that it is a natural thing to hold an attention span because it is flowing and hence not exhausting. Unless people try to stop the flow.

We suggest that humans give themselves an inner direction, like:
„I intend to open my awareness so that I can flow with the Unknown”, or “I intend to flow in consciousness outside of the polarity”, or “I intend to open my awareness for the integrated vision and its’ perception”.

If you practice yourselves in the inner direction we ask you to consider that the integrated vision adds the positive and the negative sides of polarity, it never excludes one side over the other. You can be assured of our attendance.

With love Adaliege-Vywamus
Channeled and emotionally accompanied by Keona
2nd of April 2020


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