24. Dezember 2020 | Autor: Keona

For the New Year

For the New Year

For the new year 2021

According to Vywamus, more and more reflections will show up in the coming times, which will challenge people to differentiate, what is ­– according to Vywamus ­– now turning into an important matter. He means, to follow the ability to differentiate between the essential and the inessential. Here it is significant, to realize one’s own polarity-structure, acknowledge it as one’s own creation and leave it to transcendence while directing the focus on the awareness, on to that which seems impossible.

According to Adaliege, a gate is opening that will be open for some time before it is going to close again. The timing remains unclear, it depends on humans, and to what extent they can keep this room open. It is a determining gate because it brings energies that can work integral on a dimensional level. Related to human consciousness, one can become aware of parallel existences that can be integrated now.

There are three directions that influence the awareness of a person. They can appear separately from one another or mix through three fields of consciousness within one person. One of them is the three-dimensional perspective that is regarded as the only “truth”. This can be very confusing for people and in their reaction to it, they will focus emotionally on what is known to them, on the inside, as well as outside.

People who are oriented more towards their intellectual thinking will put these “realities” into boxes in order to arrange them logically. The consequence of this approach shows in the pleasure to analyze and to interpret, also for seeking the truth. People who can rather engage with their perception will have impressions of two or more realities in their awareness. This will surely touch upon issues of the personality which couldn’t be integrated due to the attachment to the polarity-structure. If those realities are being integrated, the awareness will open for the consciousness of an integrated perspective.

On the level of Melchizedek consciousness, it shows that two energetic incidences appear in the room: one of an opening structure and one of a closed structure. They collide in the room. It depends on the people, in how far they can open their room of awareness for what’s to differentiate.

The (rather) closed energetic structure appears loud, inside and/or outside and its possibilities are limited. On the inside, it can be recognized as immobility that is directed towards plausible and tightly prepared decisions. It has a sound like the end is near, indivisible, and we would say rather fanatic.

The structure that is opening comes from a (blueish) depth of peace that is never-ending. If this structure expands on a planetary level, it stays grounded in this depth. On the plane of reflections, a person will appear as someone who is letting go of the firm belief in all-or-nothing, reflecting and allowing the unknown and impossible.

You decide!!

In deep connection

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