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Immature Fear according to Adaliege-Vywamus

Immature Fear according to Adaliege-Vywamus

Immature Fear according to Adaliege-Vywamus

Channeling by Keona

Seminar on the topic of fear
The seminar is taking place from the 7th through the 10th of January 2022.
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The world as you know it is about to change. Some close their eyes to it, some suspect it and some believe, that they should already know now, how it should or will change, respectively. Here, we are talking about the fear of the unknown.

The course of the pandemic shows the need for control within humanity, resulting out of deep fear and humans’ inner reaction to it. All three schemes ¬¬– fear and the reaction to fear, as well as the need of wanting to control everything, are tempting humans to make decisions, that are usually triggering a chain reaction of guilt and shame.

Guilt, dear loved ones, serves the purpose of making you forget who you really are, that you are responsible co-creators. With guilt and shame, you are turning yourselves into the victims of your own creatorship.

We are talking of a fear that lies dormant deep inside of humans, unrecognized and drifting forward panicky. And we are talking of the need to control it in a way that it stays well hidden, so that it will not get chaotic.
We are talking of its judgment as a slob – as humans’ origin to control the unknown.
It is a fear, that has not been recognized yet, as the needs of people are superincumbent. In this respect, one could say, it is a fear that is immature, as it has not been recognized by humans themselves yet, for what it really is.

Decisions that are being made out of consciousness, are reactions that shape the need to control creation towards a wanted direction and the belief, that this is a human right.

Control is an important stimulus in the life of humans because it is supposed to prevent what humankind is scared of. It is presumed to be necessary and true and has ultimately turned into the opponent of fear.

At the moment, in the course of the pandemic, humanity reacts with a division to – and on – each other. Humans are dividing themselves into the right creators, the inspectors and the wrong creators, the unreasonable ones, and reinforce that morally.

In this way, humanity is dividing itself for example into vaccinated people and unvaccinated people. Regardless of their position, both are creating a division that has already occurred several times in your history and, as it shows now, occurs again – between those, that are being defined as “right” or “good”, respectively and those, that are being defined as “wrong” or “bad”, respectively. The defined “good” however, is being argued as a moral plea against the “wrong”.
Both sides of the coin believe, that they are doing the “right” thing while fighting for what is defined as “right”. While doing that, humankind forgets that it is excluding a part of itself, in the hope to eradicate the creation that it defines to be threatening and does not notice, that it is the (co-)creator of everything.

What a person is most afraid of, is his female consciousness. He is making himself numb and is thereby limiting his awareness to only that, what he thinks.

The illusion to think that everything must have a beginning and an end, is a confined condition that makes everything, that is possible, seem impossible.

You may believe it or not, you are (co-)creators of what exists in your world, what you experience. Extinguishing one part of creation from your consciousness, turns humans into unconscious creators, unwillingly drifting towards their fate, to steer their lives into the “right direction”. A repetitive cycle, while believing that everything must have a beginning and an end.



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