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24. Dezember 2022 | Autor: Keona Korndörfer

The force

The way in which humans are at work in their understanding of polarity is to be understood symbolically as the sweet and seductive lust of the human intellect which, again and again, tries to bring the essence of the heart to commit treason.

11. März 2022 | Autor: Keona Korndörfer

A speech by Adaliege-Vywamus

Here we share with you a speech by Adaliege-Vywamus addressing the current events in the world. This speech addresses every human being, as we are all (Co-)Creators of what we experience.

03. Oktober 2021 | Autor: Keona

Immature Fear according to Adaliege-Vywamus

The world as you know it is about to change. Some close their eyes to it, some suspect it and some believe, that they should already know now, how it should or will change, respectively. Here, we are talking about the fear of the unknown.

23. Dezember 2020 | Autor: Keona

A World without Violence

This channeling was given by Keona in the consciousness of Melchizedek, September 2020. Here we provide an English version of one of her latest videos about creating out of the present moment.

14. April 2020 | Autor: Keona

Corona – Fear of the Unknown

Through the Corona-Virus, humans reflect to themselves that their polarized and split consciousness is, in all its old historical repetitions, subjected to a limitation that is ultimately leading to a standstill.


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